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The Work of New Life Mission Behind Bars

New Life Mission seeks to restore the lives of those who are incarcerated by offering them the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We are currently working with nearly 500 inmates in 70 different prisons in 20 different states. We provide free tools and resources to help educate, rehabilitate and transform men and women who are serving time in state and federal criminal justice systems.

As Christians we believe that Jesus can change lives so that inmates can move on with a new hope, a new life and a new purpose. We help prisoners to break the cycle of crime in their lives by offering Christian resources designed to help heal and restore broken lives. These support systems can positively impact lives by teaching how one can be transformed by the power of Christ and become a peaceful, contributing member of society.

The FREE Resources we offer inmates:
1. Super Giant Print, Large Print and regular print Bibles
2. Free Subscription of our Life Savor Newsletter
3. 7 Different Bible Study Courses with Certificates
4. Over 50 Different Christian Book Titles – Free!
5. DVDs and Audio CDs to Prison Libraries

The FREE Services we offer:
1. Shipping and Handling of all free materials
2. Study Bibles and SOP Books for Worship Leaders
3. Print Church Meeting Flyers for Worship Leaders
4. We review and grade Bible lessons
5. We provide books and DVDs to prison and chapel libraries