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Read why Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty Weep!The message for America is that God will most certainly bless us collectively as a nation if only we will acknowledge Him and His Word and repent from the spiritual crisis we are in.

Read about the prophetic roles of Pope Francis and President Donald and what will happen should these two figures begin to work together. Read about the coming crisis between USA and North Korea.

Read how the religious world is uniting with Rome as a result of global terrorism. See how Muslims, Evangelicals and some SDAs are connecting with Rome.

Read how our world is more dangerous every day; religion banned in Russia; LGBT wins another victory; penalties for working Sundays; and a ministry that helps overcome sexual addictions!

Click and read about how our world is rapidly reaching the limit of God’s mercy. Read about three person babies, fig leaves needed to cover nakedness and how we live in the days of Lot.